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#flame: a stream of burning vapor or gas, emitting light and heat

- French: flamme

- Italian: fiamma

- Portuguese: chama

- Spanish: llama


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Japanese lol

当選する: to be elected

Part of speech: verb
Example sentence: 誰が当選するかわからない。
Sentence meaning: We do not know who will be elected.
Romaji word: tousen suru
Romaji sentence: Dare ga tousen suruka wakaranai.


Dom Dragon

That would explain their fiery temper. 🔥🐲😤⠀ ⠀ What’s Next: Who polymorphed this ancient red dragon? What types of minions or lackeys does the red dragon now have? Does the dragon still have a hoard of treasure hidden somewhere?


If you can find his goofy gender thing through these links you should check it out lmao

Gender medley

Hey I made a dumb thing

There’s 59 options to pick from so u can go ape on this if uve got time to lose

show us the results of the survey op im b e g g i n g

i would but there’s like a thousand results and it’s hard to keep track (especially custom ones)

I can give u a top 3 tho:


[redacted]2. hhhhhhhhhhhh


honorable custom gender mentions:


literally every swear words

ur mom lol



Tr*p is a slur

just got downvoted to hell for saying that tr#p is a slur against trans ppl, and when i try to contradict i just get more downvoted. feels bad man.

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